Teaser A Day Till V-Day

The Teaser A Day Till V-Day 2017 Challenge is underway!! This is the third annual Instagram Challenge where people all over the world (yes there are people other than the US that participate!!) take a photo or video February 1 through February 14 of them in a Pilates Teaser – my favorite Pilates move!!

The Pilates Teaser is an advanced Pilates move and is a challenge for me. It is one of the Pilates mat series that I really struggled with being a tall girl, in fact, I sorta hated it when I started Pilates over 11 years ago. I have more leg to hold up which requires more core strength. So I practiced and practiced this move until I fell in love with it! Am I perfect at this move? Nope. But I have grown to love a challenge and my body, imperfections and all.

I also love that this move incorporates balance, flexibility, and core strength! And so I wanted to share the Pilates teaser and help others to find their love for this move and their bodies. And what better time to do this than Valentine’s Day!!!

Get all the details on my Instagram Page – TallGirlPilates – including different variations of this move and how to win the challenge and free stuff!! It is not too late to join the fun!!

And by the way…did you notice you make a V with your body when doing a Teaser??? BONUS!!

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